Four elements of nature and food !

The fifth element is located near an outlet of rabindra sadan metro, on the first floor of a building. I had visited it on an afternoon for lunch. The exterior is nothing extraordinary but I was really tempted when I entered in. There were four sections- fire, earth, air and water. These are the four elements and the fifth one is food. An innovative theme!! Each section was beautifully decorated. We were seated in the earth section. The atmosphere was silent and pleasant and the beautiful decor was perfect for a great lunch!!

From the provided menu, we first chose to have Chicken sweet corn soup. It was one the best soups I ever had. A must have over here.

Then came the starters
1. Crispy chilli babycorn- it was crispy and tasted great. The quantity was good for two and the tangy sauce added to its taste.

2. Pan fried chilli fish- it tasted great. The fish was cooked perfectly and melted in the mouth. A great starter!!

Then our mocktails arrived- fresh lime soda. But it was disappointing. The made it too salty and sour and we couldn’t have even half of it.

Our main course was again a great one. We had chicken fried rice and tangra chicken. Both tasted great. The rice had a good taste with generous portions of chicken. The tangra chicken was a simple chilli chicken but the taste was good. The chicken pieces were soft and succulent.

Our sumptuous lunch ended with darsaan topped with vanilla ice cream. Nothing extraordinary yet good it was. We enjoyed our lunch very much and will come back soon. 😀


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