Vegetarian delicacies in prison!

Kaidi kitchen was on my wishlist for a long time for its unique jail theme but since it was a veg restro, I kept on avoiding it. But when my friend insisted, I had to go.

We had previously reserved our tables. The first thing that struck me was the stunning ambience. It was like I was in a jail ! The waiters were dressed like kaidis. Luckily one of the cells was empty and we got a chance to dine inside the cell.

For starters we ordered paneer malai seekh kabab. Four pieces of seekh kabab with beautifully carved out pieces of salad. The presentation was impressive and the taste was beyond words. Being a pure non vegetarian, I never had any veg item as starter. But I never knew a paneer kabab could be so tasty !! It was soft juicy and just perfect !! The kabab just melted in the mouth. Having this as a starter is probably the best way to begin a veg meal.

Then we had our mocktails. Virgin pinacolada and golden jubilee. They were great and highly recommended.

Next came our mains. We had ordered butter nan, dal makhani, veg polao and Rajasthani kofta.

The butter nan was soft and buttery ! The dal makhani was just superb. I never had such good dal makhani before. The combination of the nan and dal makhani was like a burst of Indian flavours.

The polao was good beyong expectation. The polao consisted of almost veg ingredient- peas, carrot, large paneer slices, babycorn, etc. Now the kofta was a dish by which kaidi kitchen will be memorable to me throughout my life. Four pieces of kofta were served in an insaleny tasty gravy. The filling of the koftas was very tasty. This dish was a treat to the taste buds

Finally came our dessert- the sizzling brownie. It was so tasty that we almost burnt our tongue having it in a hurry !! :p

This place a sure visit for next time. The waiters are courteous and friendly. The prices are moderate in considerate to the luxury dining experience here. I would love to be in prison if I’m given food like this đŸ˜€


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