Tibetian & More at The Blue Poppy !

The Blue Poppy is located on the 1st floor of Sikkim House. I have heard praises of this place from many of my friends. So i finally visited blue poppy with a friend.

The ambience is very simple. A large room with hanging lamps and the walls covered with curtains. The best part is that it is air conditioned 😀 The restro was full when we arrived and we were lucky enought that we got our seat instantly.

The menu covers various tibetian delicacies and also some chinese items. We ordered a chicken kothay momo, one egg chicken hakka chow and a pork shapta.

The order was placed within 5 minutes. Kothay momo is basically steamed momos whose one portion is fried. Sounds interesting ! One plate of kothay momo contains 8 momos at just 110 bucks !!! The taste was just amazing. They did provided a a special sauce and tomato ketchup on our table. The sauce was not very spicy and gave a very tangy and delicious taste to the momos. I previously used to satisfy my momo cravings as wow momo coz i believed no one can better momos than them. But blue poppy proved me wrong with larger, tastier and double the number of momos at the same price!!

Next it was time for the main course!! The noodles was served in good quantity which was enough for two of us after having the momo. I wont say the noodles was very good but yes it was tasty and had generous amounts of egg and chicken

Now the pork shapta is too good for words. Not very chewy not very hard just perfect ! Till date this is the best pork dish i ever had. The quantity was good. The pork meat was very succulent and juicy and was a perfect match with the noodles. For pork lovers, its my personal recommendation to have the pork shapta here!! A

Our bill came to INR 400. I actually did not except such good food from blue poppy after reading the negative reviews but the food impressed me in every way. Im surely coming back for the phyalays, thupka and the pan fried momos !!


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