Spanish cuisines at the cheapest price!

Raj spanish cafe is a place that provides spanish, italian and mexican dishes at the cheapest rate. The location is not very prominent. The lane beside indian museum is sudder street. Taking sudder start walking and after 2-3 minutes of walk, you will notice raj spanish cafe on your left ( there is a field in between the street and the cafe)

The ambience is not worth mentioning. There is both indoor and outdoor seating arrangement. When i visited the place, it was filled up with foreigners but i was lucky enough to get a table instantly.

I came here to try mainly spanish. So my order was huevo rellenos, arroz a la cubana and i also ordered a lasagna. The food took a long time to arrive. First came arroz a la cubana. It looked very nice. It is rice topped with a fried rice and surrounded by tomato sauce. The sauce was too sour otherwise the dish was good. The fried egg was very tasty and the sour taste got masked when i had rice with the fried egg.

Then came the lasagna. The upper part was very cheesy and the veggies in it tasted good.

Then came huevo rellenos. Looked great and tasted the best! Three eggs halved, the yolk removed and the hollow part filled up with mayo yolk and tuna. This was the best of the lot. If you are into spanish cafe, this is a must.

Overall, if you are in search of some healthy, homely, unique nd tasty food then spanish cafe should be your destination. The prices are too cheap and nowhere will you get spanish food at this price !!


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