Authentic Chinese at Chilli Wok !

Chilli wok is located on the second floor of myx building, park street. I and a friend of mine decided to have lunch here. The ambience is awesome. The woodwork on the walls, the false ceiling, the statue everything presnted an amazing picturesque. The chinese music was soothing and added to the soothing ambience

We started with fish noodle soup. It was served in two bowls. The soup tasted fresh and had a very aromatic flavour. It had huge chunks of fish with singaporean noodles. It was perefct to start our meal.

For starters, we ordered drums of heaven. It looked great but was not that good. The outer layer was fried so much that it was too crispy. The dish lacked texture but the taste was nice with the right amount of spices.

In our mains, we had ordered drunken chicken fried rice with kung pao chicken. I was a little disappointed with the amount of rice served. It was right for one person but since two persons were served, a little more quantity should have been entertained. But i was blown away by the taste. The fried rice tasted yum with decent amount of chicken pieces. The kung pao chicken was too good. The chicken was so soft that it just melted in the mouth and all my complaints vanished instantly. The kung pao chicken i had here was one of the best chinese main course that i ever had. With fried rice it tasted too good. Infact the taste was so good that we could feel the lack of rice.

Along with main course, we were served mocktails. One was blue lagoon and the other was orange chiller. The blue lagoon tasted decent with a light lime soda flavour. The orange chiller was spicy and had a jaljeera flavour in it. Both were equally good.

Now all is well that ends well and to prove this statement true, came chef’s special hot chocolate roll. It was just out of the world. The roll was made of flour and the filling was of chocolate cake. It was too tasty.


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