Asian cuisines at The Wall !

The Wall is one of the finest chinese restaurants in south calcutta. I had been planning to visit this place for a while and finally landed here for a friend’s birthday treat.

Location – From rashbehari avenue, go towards southern avenue via sarat bose road. The fourth lane to your left ( Sarat Banerjee Road ) will take you to the wall. It is on the same lane where Xtrong Place is.

Ambience- From the entrance to the interiors everything has an authentic chinese feel. The stony entrance takes you to the main door beside which there is a black statue of buddha. On entering, we found a sleeping magnificient idol of buddha coloured in golden. It was amaizing !!

Food- For starters we had lat mai kai. Before the starters they served a complementary salad and i actually loved it. Also, on our tables there were three types of dips – one tomato sauce, one pickle and the third one was probably soya sauce which i didn’t taste.

The starter lat mai kai was basically fried spicy chicken nuggets with herbs and chillies. It came in good quantity and was yummy. Also, a dip was served with it which gave a tangy taste.

For the main course we ordered schezwan chicken fried rice and lun woo yuk see. What i found was that every item came in huge quantity. The fried rice was good and had a nice amount of chicken. But what i didn’t like was the gondhoraj lebu flavour in it. Maybe its my personal opinion coz others might like it.

The pork dish was good but the pork was a little chewy. But the quantity was very good and went well with the fried rice.

Now the best part was the billing time. I found we were given a flat 20% discount on our bill and that was really great !! The place is actually pocket friendly if we look into its ambiebce and the quantity served. It was a nice visit and i would like to visit the wall again 🙂


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