Tribal and seafood under the same roof !

Santa’s fantasea is the one of those rare places in Kolkata which serves exotic seafod and tribal cuisine under the same roof. The lane adjacent to anjali jewllers, golpark takes you to this outlet of Santa’s fantasea.

I had visited this place with my friend for lunch. There were two sections- one marine and a tribal. Since the marine section was empty, we got seated there. The walls and the ceiling were decorated with scenes from marine life.

Before we made our order, we were served their complimentary drink tankha turani. It was refreshing but was too sour to taste.

Then we made the order which was served all together.
1. Bansa pora chicken- the chicken didn’t taste as great as expected. Even the quantity was less at 250 bucks. But it was not that bad either

2. Wild red rice- it was veg yet tasted good and came in enormous quantity- sufficient for more than two hungry souls.

3. Shanghai squid- it was great to taste squid for the first time and they nailed it. I had never expected squid to be so tasty. If it had been my home, i would simply start licking the plates after finishing off the dish
4. Smoked octopus- This was recommended by the waiter and once again Santa won our hearts. The gravy was irresistably good and the octopus was cooked perfectly. It was fresh and tasted great.

It was a treat to the taste buds to visit this place. I’m waiting for my next visit at Santa’s


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