Petpujo at Bhojohori Manna !

I generally don’t visit places serving Bengali food but two of my friends insisted me to have a lunch a bhojohori and we dropped in.

The location is very prompt. Since we had gone around 1:30, there was a rush inside and we had to wait around 15 minutes to get our table.

The ambience is quite good which suits the Bengali theme of the restro. For lunch we chose a mini thali, veg polao, chicken duckbungalow and bhetki macher paturi.

The plates served on our table were covered with lotus leaves which gave a typical Bengali feel. As the food was served one after another, our table got filled and we could feel the lack of space.

The mini thali comprised of fine rice, cholar dal, luchi, alu bhaja, alur dom, fulkopi, chatni and doi. Each and every item was tasty. A special mention goes to the cholar dal, alur dom and the chatni which were great.

The veg polao was good and the quantity was sufficient for a single person. The chicken duckbungalow had 3 chicken pieces and an egg. The gravy was spicy and tasty. It went well with the polao. The paturi was the best of all. It was soft and the smell of mustard made us mad even before tasting it. It was cooked very well. But the size of the fillet was too small for the price charged.

It was a great lunch and I’m coming back next time to taste the dab chingri !! 😀


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