Legendary kababs at Nizam’s !

Nizam’s is a legendary restaurant located near Hogg market. I have heard huge praises of their rolls and kababs but never had the pleasure of going there.

But today my friend suggested to meet me at esplanade and the idea of visiting this place struck my head.

It was around 6:30 pm when we came here. Though there is huge seating space, yet all the tables were occupied except one and we were lucky enough to get seated there. The interiors are quite clean and the ambience is good. We could see the kababs being grilled from our tables and we craved to have them. Though most of the people were having rolls, we decide to have kababs only. Our order was chicken Kathi kabab and chicken shammi kabab

First came the Kathi kabab. Four sticks of kabab were presented on our table. It was insanely good. The chicken pieces were grilled to perfection and just melted in the mouth. Then I realized why nizam is so famous for their Kathi kababs.

Then came the shammi kabab. It was more like chicken cutlet. The filling was of finely minced chicken and served with chips and salad. It was good and spicy.

To give our meal a sweet end, we ordered a kulfi. It was good and of the better kulfis I had till date.

Overall this place is not great in terms of ambience or hospitality but what will bring u back here again and again is the great food served at highly affordable prices!


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