Best Chinese buffet in the city of joy !

A sudden plan was made by my friend who suggested me to visit the ballygunge outlet of mainland China on gurusaday road. So we came here for buffet lunch.

The ambience is pretty decent and is similar to the other outlets of mainland China. The seating space on the first floor is quite large. We had already made our booking. The starters were served on our table.

There were three non veg starters
1. Drums of heaven- It was crispy and tasty.
2. Baked fish – The fish was baked to perfection and well cooked. Tasted good.
3. Chicken sui mai – This was the star of the starters. It tasted so good that I had a second serving of this starter.
We were also served a complimentary drink along with the starters

Then we shifted to the main course
1. Chicken hakka noodles- well fried and tasty
2. Chicken fried rice- perfect! A great combo with the sides.
3. Jiang chilli chicken- it was nice and went well with the rice and noodles
4. Shrimp in hot garlic sauce- Another beautiful dish. The shrimps were soft and just melted in the mouth. The best among the main course dishes
5. Crab in butter garlic sauce- a wow dish!! The taste was very good.
There was a non veg salad and 3 types of veg salad all of which tasted good. Also there were certain veg items which I didn’t taste coz I was too filled up with the non veg ones!

The dessert section consisted of
1. Chef’s special dessert- it was a papaya dessert. But actually disappointing. The only dish I didn’t like.
2. Watermelon- it was refreshing!
3. Strawberry pastry- it was very tasty. I had 3! :p
4. Mousse- it was good
5. Caramel custard- it was very tasty. Soft and just melted in the mouth
6. Darsaan- crispy and tasty.
Also there were three types of ice cream along with chocolate sauce.

Overall it was a great lunch and a memorable one. The lunch buffet on a weekday costs 725 which is inclusive of taxes! This is quite a cheap price in comparison to the great buffet spread where each dish tastes great !!!!


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