A hidden gem !

Tung nam is located in one of the lanes beside central metro station. The location is difficult to track without the aid of GPS. The ambience is homely. The entrance is small but the interior is quite large, though the no of seats provided are quite less.

We ordered for chicken wanton soup, mixed yam mein noodles and pork in hamei sauces. After around 15 minutes, our order was served. The soup was served in a huge bowl. The wantons were very tasty. The soup had a great aroma. Also, the quantity was huge. A must have in tung nam !!

Next came the noodles and pork in hamei sauces. The pork was very spicy but tasted great. Luckily there was less fat and more meat which is difficult to find in many restaurants. The noodles on the other hand tasted quite bland. Adding some pepper did redefine its taste. There were huge chunks of chicken in it which also added to the taste. The pork was a perfect combination with the noodles and i loved it. I will surely come back to have the pork and the other dishes as well !! 😀


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