Tasting some exquisite seafood !

Ecstasea is one of the rare places in the city which serves octopus and squid. This was the prime reason why I and my co foodie Tanwyee Ray came here to satisfy our seafood cravings. This is a small joint located on lake road. The seating space is cramped up and can accommodate a maximum of 15-20 people. We went there around 2pm when it was almost empty. Since the lunch was a treat from my co foodie, so she made the order.

1. Stir fried Squid- Its the best option to start your meal. The squid was crispy from outside and soft from inside. It was perfectly cooked and tasted great. Highly recommend.

2. Butter garlic crab- Another good dish. The quantity was good for the price charged. The gravy had a nice taste which I liked very much.

3. Pan fried octopus- Octopus was the reason which brought us to ecstasea. It was served in a huge bowl and was served hot. The first bite into an octopus and I was mesmerized. It was so soft that it just melted in my mouth. I was also impressed by the sweet and spicy taste of the gravy. A must try dish.

Overall, ecstasea provides tastiest seafoods at probably the cheapest rates. Would be visiting soon!


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