Hangout at cafe mi casa !

Cafe mi casa is located on the 1st floor of a building beside bancharam, jodhpur park. I went there with my foodie friend.

The cafe has three rooms with good amount of seating space. The ambience was good. We went around 1pm and were the first customers of the day. The menu had diverse options and we took time while making the order. The boy who took our order told that it will take some time for the food to be served.

After around 40 mins, our order was served.
For starter we had chicken tossed in barbeque sauce. But what was served to us was rather dry. There were 8-9 boneless pieces of chicken of medium size which was a fair deal for the price charged but the taste was bland.

For mains, first came the mix meat foster. It had an egg poach, two fish fingers, two chicken sausages and two chicken wings. This was better than the starter. Each item tasted good. Special mention to the chicken wings which was perfectly fried. The only drawback was that the fish finger was too cold to taste.

Last of all came barbeque pork with noodles. This was the best of all the dishes. The noodles was not very oily yet tasty. Two sticks were placed over the noodles containing barbeque grilled pork. The pork tasted lovely. I never had such a preparation of pork. So for me it is a highly recommend dish.

We were full after having these three dishes as the quantity of each dish is sufficient for a person. I have kept the other items on the menu for my next visit.


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