Delicious Chinese at CIT Cafe !

Cit cafe is located on cit road beside Ramakrishna mission. As we entered in, we were directed to the first floor. It was well decorated but not very spacious.

Since it was around 5pm we decided not to heavy a meal. So we ordered carribean chicken drumsticks along with mixed gravy chowmein.

Our order was served after 20 mins. The food looked tempting and we gorged on it as soon as it arrived. The chicken drumstick had 6 large sized drumsticks with a spicy texture. It was very tasty

The gravy chowmein came in huge quantity which was more than enough for two of us. It had generous amounts of chicken egg and prawns which gave a blast of flavours in each spoon. It was indeed good and highly recommend.

We were too full after having just two dishes which is indicative that this place serves food In huge quantity. Also the prices are at per with other Chinese restaurants. So the ones reading my review give this place a try.


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