Continental at the Blue Door!

The blue door is a small continental restaurant in one of the lanes in southern avenue. The location is quite tricky. But by turning on the GPS, we reached the place quickly. It is located opposite to tyagraj hall. As we entered, we were taken to a small room which was well decorated. The ground floor of a building had been converted into a restaurant. The ambience was homely and the waiters highly cooperative. As we got seated, we were served water and a person came up to take our order. He helped us to decide the entire menu.

First we had the Spanish seafood soup. Looked good and tasted great. It was spicy and sour. It contained prawns, squid and octopus and was served with bread sticks. The taste was heavenly. It was so tasty that we even burned our tongue while having it. One of the best soups I had till date.

Then we had Greek chicken salad followed by the starter chicken cilantro. The salad was average, nothing worth mentioning. The starter on the other hand was good. The chicken was soft and had a creamy taste which we liked.

For mains we chose chicken Tetrazzini. It was served in a tray and the quantity was enough for two of us. This dish stood above all the others. The taste was a blast of flavours in the mouth. The spaghetti was well cooked and the chicken was mouth melting. On top of that, cheese was given in ample amount which added to the taste.

Unfortunately the dessert turned out to be a disappointment. Only mango souffle was available and inspite of my desire to have gondhoraj ice cream, we decided to have it. And it failed to impress us with its taste. To say, a not so good ending to a great meal.

Overall the place is great for a dining experience for its calm and homely atmosphere. I would suggest them to work more on the salad and the dessert items. Next time I would like to try out the Oriental dishes here.


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