Complimentary lunch at nosh and bytes !

I and my co foodie Tanwyee Ray were invited here for a complimentary lunch. Our previous experience here was quite a bitter one but this time it was just the opposite.

Nosh and bytes is a small cafe located on wood street, near vardaan market. The ambience is lovely. The interior is well designed. After being seated we placed our order. We could order anything from the menu. We didn’t go for the drinks and directly went for the starter. The menu had diverse options and we chose to have polo sun dried pesto.

The service was a little slow but the sight and taste of the food compensated it. The chicken was grilled and rolled into a ball. The taste was heavenly. We finished it within five minutes. A great starter!

For mains, we had involtini di pollo and gamberoni portofino. Involtini di pollo was basically a chicken roulade stuffed with ricotta and spinach, cut into two and placed over a bed a mashed potato. The style of presentation was unique. It tasted great, though was a bit dry, but the taste was too good.

Gamberoni portofino was another great dish. Five medium sized prawns were placed over a bed of noodles, served in a sizzler plate. The prawns tasted like they had been cooked with mustard sauce. They were soft and fluffy- just perfect!!

After we enjoyed our meal, we decided to have tiramisu for desserts but unfortunately that was unavailable. So we decided to have panna cotta with strawberry sauce. It was a wow dish!! The panna cotta tasted wonderful with the strawberry puree which was sweetened to perfection. It is highly recommend among the desserts here.

After a long time we had such a wonderful meal. I’m surely coming back to taste the other dishes in the menu !! 😀


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